In A Nutshell

[You are it]

Many ideas and concepts relating to this process of being ‘It’ are often just feelings, ways of being, single moments of clarity.  They are perceptions.  Interpretations of energy.  Illusions and manifestations.


The Universe is You –

You are the Universe experiencing itself using a very well engineered tool.  You.  You can experience all sorts.

You will only find the truth, the very real truth, from within.

Lessons can come from great spiritual influences(ers), or, found in the space between the leaves of a tree.  More often though the lesson will come after you have made a tit out of yourself.  Or perceived to have made a complete tit out of yourself.   Reflection is one of the best tools we have for self discovery.

Look Within

The Truth is within you.  You have everything within you.  Be Aware of yourself and you find what you need when you need it.

Resonate with what resonates with you.

Empty your cup…man!

Meditate.  You must.  Do this each day.  For 10 minutes.  Be still with yourself and nothing else.  Meditate anywhere.

A meditation can be as much as one aware breath. 

Breath in and blow out and be aware of breathing in and breathing out.  Do this often.

We can ‘sub’-consciously react to (situation x)  and cause ourselves to avoid,  analyse and or overthink anything.  “Why do I feel (x)? Sometimes isn’t a question requiring a knee jerk. answer.

When our cup runneth’ over we tend to knee jerk @ life.

Meditation gives your Self space.

We cannot see the bigger picture but you have to believe it is perfect.  Because the leaves on a tree are perfect.  A child’s smile is perfect.  The wings on a bee are perfect.  The Rings of Saturn are perfect.  You are perfect. You have to be, because you are.



Every Minute


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